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  • Product FHARSAI

Our bikinis are made in Portugal, by hand, through the partnership of a textile factory, with experienced professionals.

The entire process is developed by the brand, from the design of the pieces to the manufacture.

It is our basic concern and requirement that all of our products have a quality of excellence, in materials, confection, safety and comfort. The pieces are thought to detail, to be as versatile and comfortable as possible.

We take a lot of into account the breast shapes and sizes. We place breast supports whenever possible so that the experience is extraordinary, for small breasts and large breasts. We understand that large breasts have more difficulty in obtaining the necessary support at the top.

Our variety of models allows choices to be made, for body shapes and for all tastes!

Our focus is simple, creating pieces with quality, comfortable, safe and fashion! After all, the bikini should wear on us and not the other way around. And we all want pieces that favor our curves as much as possible, right? We think about it too!

Lycras have a very soft touch, are easy to wash and dry. They are composed of a high quality material, providing a high useful life whenever well cared for. Pads / cups are suitable for swimwear.

Any questions, just contact via email or social media!

  • Size Guide

  • Care and Washing

- Do not use a washing machine; - Do not dry clean; - Do not use a dryer; - Do not use chlorine-based bleach;

Wash the piece by hand with water at room temperature / cold water. After washing, gently squeeze the bikini without twisting. Do not soak the piece.

Avoid contact with self-tanners, sunscreens or colored products that may stain the part.

Whenever you go to the pool, it is advisable to rinse the piece with mineral water so that the chlorine does not stain the lycra.

Dry the pieces in the shade and let them dry well before putting them away.